One of the first in Salem to offer this luxury technique

Jenny's sought after dimensional coloring techniques allows her to truly personalize every guests extensions to blend seamlessly and discreetly with their natural hair.

Jenny is certified in 3 different types of hand tied extension techniques giving her the ability to truly customize each guests hair type

This is a general pricing guide that tends to suit most hair types. For an exact price quote, you must submit an extension consult form or book an in person extension consult


Pricing includes hair purchase, install, cut to blend, and style


1 ROW  2 ROWS  3 ROWS  






  $564     $ 928      $1110    

  $752     $ 1304     $1806     

  $964     $ 1728     $2442     


Basic Removal and Reapp

Removal and readjustment of extensions, and style

1 ROW  2 ROWS  3 ROWS  

Upgraded Removal and Reapp

  $250     $350      $400     

Removal of extensions, exfoliating scalp wash and massage, blow dry, reinstall of extensions and style

1 ROW  2 ROWS  3 ROWS  

Platinum Removal and Reapp

  $340     $440      $490     

Removal of extensions, exfoliating scalp wash and massage, customized tone and color melt refresh for extensions, blow dry, reinstall of extensions and style

1 ROW  2 ROWS  3 ROWS  

  $430     $530     $580     

Your friends, family, and co-workers won't be able to tell that it's not really your hair

(in a good way)

until you let them in on your little secret!

If Mother Nature didn't bless you with

luscious, fluffy, bouncy locks,

then click the extension consult button below to take the next step to your dream hair!


What do I need to know about styling my extensions:

You can wash, blowdry, straighten, curl, or put them in any upstyle like regular hair! All my extension clients receive a how-to care guide, but here’s a couple key pointers: - Make sure you are brushing them morning, night, and before showers, so they don’t get tangled. - Using salon exclusive products that are paraben and sulfate free, no to low alcohol content, and lightweight but effective (consult your stylist for specific products) - Keeping heat settings for hot tools and blowdryers on medium

Can you see the extensions:

I offer 2 types of extension methods that can both be seamless and undetectable. They both are installed in a way that allows your natural hair to cover the wefts whether you style it down or up. It truly depends on the method used, the density of your hair, how you style your hair, as well as the length of your current hair.

Can I swim with them:

Ocean water and chlorine from swimming pools can potentially decrease the life span of your extensions. The salt and chemicals can dry out the hair, leading to matting issues, as well as strip the color of your extensions. If you still plan on getting your hair wet, I have steps in my hair care sheet that you can take that will help.

How often do I need to get them redone:

Depending on the method chosen, how quickly your hair grows, natural oil production, how often you’re washing your hair, whether the extensions were chosen for functionality or for luxury, and level of activity, it can be anywhere from 6-10 weeks

How long does the hair last:

It’s recommended to replace the hair every 6-9 months. Some people can wear them for up to a year, but reality is that we can’t help but be a little rough on our hair sometimes!

Do extensions cause breakage, balding, or thinning:

Reality is, I have you in my chair for 1-6 hours (depending on the service), and then I don’t see you for 6-10 weeks! It’s my job to understand the state of your natural hair and determine how and which extension method is best for you, but it’s your job to take care of them while you’re not in my chair. SO yes, it can, but I give you the guidance and education to ensure those things don’t happen.

How do they feel:

It’s a foreign thing at first, but you get use to it! When first installed, they feel a little tight, but after a week you won’t even notice and you’ll just be gushing over your new mermaid hair!

Who is an ideal candidate for extensions:

Thick hair, thin hair, long hair, shoulder length hair. Everyone is a potential candidate and it all depends on what’s the desired look they’re going for. You can get extensions for the length and fullness you've always dreamed of, to fill in those sparse areas that don’t seem to grow, or to just add a little thickness to what you got going on. The ONE thing that I think IS important for blending purposes, is for the top layer of your hair to at least be chin length or longer. Not to say that it means you can’t get them, but naturally short hair will require a higher level of styling experience (meaning if you don’t have time to style it, these probably aren’t best for you)

How often should you wash your hair:

It is recommended to shampoo your hair two to three times a week in the morning or during the day. It’s important to remove build up that occurs from natural oil production, skin sloughing, and styling products, to maintain a healthy scalp. If you need to shampoo in the evening, make absolutely certain that your hair is fully dry throughout the extensions before going to sleep.

Can I bring my own hair for you to install:

Unfortunately, no. I cannot gaurantee the quality or know the true source of the extensions unless they are directly purchased through me.

What’s the price range:

Initial cost, depending on method, ranges from $250-$1950 and maintenance appointments range from $150-$490. For a detailed breakdown, you can book a consult or fill out the new client extension form.


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