My goal as your hair connoisseur is to create the healthiest, most statement-worthy, multifaceted color

palettes to suit your unique needs.

As a new client, we'll require extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create the looks you see on my page!

Pricing is broken down into 3 different time blocks to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service or look to book.

The more time booked, the more we can achieve in one session as long as optimal color conditions apply!

Feel free to book a free online color consult, or an in person consultation if you need further assistance!

*Prices are subject to change*


All color services include Brazilian Bond Builder in their lightener

The Classic
Dynamic Dimension
Makeover Magic

This session utilizes classic blonding techniques


Lightener, or full dimension lowlight, or lightener with mini lowlights


Best suited for fine-medium densities and shoulder blade length or shorter hair

This session utilizes intermediate blonding techniques


Lightener, or

Lightener with full lowlights or gray base coverage


Best suited for all densities and shoulder blade length or shorter hair

This session utilizes highly advanced blonding techniques


Color corrective services, platinum transformations, extreme growout, multiple bands/tones or layers of color, and/or color history that requires extreme caution


Best suited for all densities and lengths



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The maintenance menu is designed for refining, enhancing, or retouching your current palette. 

If you are a new client, want to significantly change your look, or haven't seen me for 4 months or longer, please reference the "NEW CLIENT SERVICE" menu.

This structure ensures I allot the proper time and product to address your specific needs in the most efficient way possible.



All lightening services include Brazilian Bond Builder



1 OZ =
15 MIN=


Why are the New client services more than the regular services?

New client services are designed to set your ideal color palette up for success! There’s 3 different time blocks to choose from that allow for a thorough consultation, extra product, and extra time. The longer the time block, the more we can achieve in one session (based on ideal coloring conditions). Thorough consultations give us time to assess the integrity of your hair, dive into your color history, understand your styling comfort level, listen to your deepest hair desires and worries, and create a gameplan to achieve a look that suits you and your lifestyle. You won’t need to sit and wonder if there’ll be extra product charges at the end, or wonder if we’ll have time to achieve what you desire, because everything is built into one price point to create a worry free experience.

Why do I require sessions to get the look I want?

Many of my new clients require significant rebalancing, technical placement, or multiple techniques to get to their ideal goal hair. The main factors in determining ideal coloring situations are your previous color history, the integrity of your hair, natural pigmentation, the intricacy of your goal hair, and the density and texture of your hair strand. Approximately 50% of new clients will get to their dream hair in one session based on all these conditions aligning perfectly. Aside from that, many looks require 4-5 colors and various thickness of those colors to create the blend, dimension, and transitions you see on the web. I usually say that each session we’re able to build in at least 2 colors and/ or dimensions, so the more sessions you do, the more these results grow exponentially

How do I know which service to book?

I offer an intake form on my website where I can tell you which service would be best for you based on the answers you input. If you’re looking for an in depth analysis and/or explanation of the process to get to your ideal color palette, then you’ll need to book an actual in-person consultation through my booking site.

What is Brazilion Bond Builder?

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a breakthrough professional tool clinically shown to penetrate the cortex of the hair, and proven to reattach the bonds that are broken during all color services by utilizing an anhydrous delivery system and specifically engineered co-polymer to dramatically reduce damage while improving color retention. Damage results from a combination of many factors; not just from chemical services, daily styling, or environmental stress. When hair is colored or lightened, the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex are broken so that color can either be deposited or in the case of lightening, removed. As the cellular membrane complex comes back together, many of these crucial bonds no longer fuse, leading to the rapid deterioration of the cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the inner structure of the hair. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder works at the cellular level, targeting and repairing the broken and compromised bonds that cause hair to break over time without hindering or altering the coloring process. Mixing b3 Brazilian Bond Builder into all color formulations effectively helps to restore the integrity of the hair. The result is a dramatic reduction in breakage during color services for hair that is noticeably healthier and more resilient, and color that is more vibrant and longer-lasting immediately following and between appointments.

How many sessions until I get the color I want?

I have a better idea after our first session together, but there’s no way i can guarantee a specific amount of sessions. The one thing i emphasize to my clients is that not everyone’s hair health can maintain or endure the lightening processes they would need to get to their dream hair and there might be a certain point where we have to create a new end goal. The integrity of your hair will always be my number one priority, so I will always keep you informed through every step of our journey


My hair always pulls red and/or orange?

Theres 10 levels of lightness in natural hair ranging in various degrees of red, orange, and yellow. The darker your hair is, the more red, orange, or yellowy-orange it will naturally reveal when exposed to lightening processes. Since there are VERY few naturally pale blonde hair types out there, 90% of people will encounter these desgrees of warmth. Toners can help minimize the amount of warmth our eyes perceive, but our hair likes to revert back to it’s natural pigmentation over time, meaning that even after toners the warmth will eventually come back.

Why does my blonde always turn yellow?

As mentioned in my FAQ above, there’s always some degree of warmth that is exposed during the lightening process. Toners help cancel out the warmth exposed during the process, but that warmth will always come back due to our hair attempting to revert back to its natural pigmentation, natural elements like UV rays, heat damage, and product and/or water mineral buildup that cause yellowing.

What are toners?

Toners are the final touch to every customized lightening service. Think of toners like lip glosses; lip glosses are a sheer color that slightly tweaks the tone of your natural lip color. Toners are a sheer color that allows the brightness of blonde or caramel hues that are exposed during the lightening process to shine through, while emphasizing or cancelling out the amount of warmth (depending on your goals) our eyes perceive. Being that the “dye load” of toners are very sheer, they must be reapplied approximately every 6 weeks (depending on how often you wash your hair and the products you’re using) to maintain results.

Will toners make me blonder?

Toners are the finishing touch to blonding services and in most cases are used to create ashy blondes and browns, but the heavy lifting is done during the lightening process. Your hair needs to have no remnants of red/orange and must be in the yellow range before toners are capable of cancelling out the warmth needed to create an icy blonde. Toners can only work at the level of brightness that is exposed. ex. so if your hair only can lift to a caramel safely, then you can only tone down the orange. If your hair can only lift to a red/brown safely, then a toner can only tone down the red.

How often do I need to come in for maintenance?

It’s typical that you’ll need to come in anywhere from 8-16 weeks depending on where you’re at in your coloring journey and the level of maintenance required for your desired palette. During our first session together, I’m able to paint a picture of what maintenance and upkeep will look like specifically for you. Once you’re an established client, it’s important to stay on schedule with your maintenance appointments to ensure that we keep your hair in optimal condition and in line with your goals. If you go 5 months or longer for an appointment, then you’ll need to book under one of the new client services again to compensate for the amount time, regrowth, and rebalancing needed to get your hair back up to a maintenance regimen.


“Jenny is truly an expert and I love that she makes education a priority. It is amazing how knowledgeable she is, not only about hair basics, but about trends and new techniques. She stays up to date and is consistently working on perfecting her craft. I learn something new about hair every time I go in and always leave feeling like a hair queen. Jenny goes above and beyond, and to top it all off, she is a really fun, kind person!"

- Amber Traver -