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 I’m happy you’re here!


You’re probably here because

when it comes to “marketing” you’re struggling with:

  • Sheer overwhelm of the “what”, “where”, and “how” to market

  • Understanding how to turn your Instagram from posting pretty pictures to booking clients that you WANT

  • You’re at a point in your business where you have a decent clientele but you’re ready to scale bigger and make more money

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Training Guide

Through this 5-day mini training I will show you my system behind defining and attracting your soul clients.


Tools & Strategies

I will give you the tools, resources, and framework so you know exactly where to put your energy.

Insider Info


Let you in on my secrets and systems to how I built a 6 figure business using Instagram as my main platform.

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•    3 step formula to understanding who your ideal client is and what makes them tick     

•    How to get laser focused on who you’re trying to attract using data that’s right under your nose     

•    Understand the psychology and design elements behind attracting exactly who you want. 

  • You’re going to be the topic of research as we define what makes you, YOU

  • I’m going to push you outside of your comfort zone to help you get the REAL answers behind what your clients want

  • I’ll show you how to utilize insights to determine if your audience is who it should be or if you need to pivot

  • You’ll start to see your brand come to life using the groundwork you did in day 1 & 2

  • I’m going to give you the EXACT tools and apps that I’ve used to create my brand

  • PLUS I’m giving you my time saver resource that will jump-start the creative process for those whose fortay isn’t designing

  • I’m going to break down how to set-up your instagram on the “surface level” to make sure you’re capturing your soul client’s attention

  • I’ll show you how the essential components to turn your instagram into a client converting machine

  • I’ll show you a simple, but impactful, visual of how to set up your instagram grid that will get your ideal client to hit the follow button

  • The formula you NEED to follow if you want to make sure your posting efforts don’t go to waste

  • The do’s and don’ts of writing captions

  • A super easy caption writing framework that includes 15 examples you can plug into your ‘gram TODAY

  • A 1-hour Masterclass

  • We’ll get to go over day 5 together in detail

  • I’ll be sharing the tiny but impactful tips that will give you optimal results after our time together is over

  • Open up a Live Q&A so you can ask all your burning questions

And my special BONUS I’ll share with you

A glimpse into my branding components:

  • Who is my ideal client and how I appeal to her

  • My secret that once I implemented significantly grew my audience

Webinar Value:$170

Mini-Training Value:$127

Total: $297

Today’s Price: FREE

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I loved how detailed this was! Figuring out my target market has always been a struggle, but this I get! It’s a different way to look at your current clientele and I love it


I feel like you explain things very well and it’s very informative. I have a TON to do to make my Instagram better. I have such a hard time interacting or even posting on Instagram that I’m really hoping I can use this to help ‘kick me in the butt’ to get me going!


I have finally figured out where I was going wrong, but I’ve finally found my brand. It was not at all what I thought initially, but makes complete sense now that I see it.

If you’re ready put in the groundwork that leads to results, scale your business, and become a highly sought-after stylist

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