Once Upon A Time

My dad told me that I should get a “real degree” before deciding to be a hairstylist, but I always knew that I never wanted to be “just a hairstylist”. I jumped into my career at the age of 19 and I studied alongside a mentor as an apprentice where I gained a vast amount of industry knowledge and got a taste of platform education.  By 21, I switched salons so I could be completely independent, but with that decision I knew it would be quite a challenge. Growing a clientele from scratch required me to dig into my inner boss babe self and do everything possible to make sure that my technical skills, as well as business practices were on point. Not only have I been able to successfully build a fantastic clientele that I love, but I also independently teach other stylists how to master their craft and careers! I continually challenge myself to stay on the forefront of all things beauty so I can deliver a unique experience to every one of my clients.

Once I Was Doing Hair

behind the chair, I realized that one of the things that made my craft unique was that I was able to educate my clients on these why’s and how’s and it all started by having a thorough consultation. My clients can always expect to feel a deeper connection and perspective of their unique hair experience within that first 20 minutes. The education doesn’t stop there, though! I teach my clients on how to maintain and style their new looks at home so they feel like they’re stepping out of the salon everyday, but in a way that I know will work into their lifestyle and schedule.